We at The Alan Turing Institute believe data science will change the world. We are pioneers; training the next generation of data science leaders, shaping the public conversation, and pushing the boundaries of this new science for the public good.


Our mission

long exposure of night skyAs the national institute for data science, our mission is to make great leaps in data science research in order to change the world for the better.

In November 2017 we welcomed the news that we will become the national centre for AI, adding to our data science mission.

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What we do

underside of a bridgeWe undertake research which tackles some of the biggest challenges in science, society and the economy. We collaborate with universities, business, public and third sector organisations to apply this research to real-world problems, with lasting effects for research, the economy and the world we live in.

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Get involved

The Turing is buzzing with activity, from new research collaborations to lectures and workshops.

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An academic giving a talk in front of an audienceWe are home to a growing community of talented researchers.

Find out more about our researchers, doctoral students, senior leadership, and Research Engineering Team. And learn more about our network of strategic partners and founding members.