How Could Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Technologies Make Society Safer?

The example of blockchain technology most people are familiar with is Bitcoin; the established digital currency which first became popular in 2009 as a system that would allow safe financial transactions without the need for an intermediary. However, more and more applications of distributed ledger technologies have been developed and the Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond… Read more

Turing researchers team up with Winton to support tech entrepreneurs

Over the past three months, researchers from The Alan Turing Institute have collaborated with Winton, a data-driven global investment firm, to offer expert advice to five new start-ups taking part in the Winton Labs accelerator programme. The five early stage start-ups won their place on the accelerator programme from over 100 applicants, in a judging process… Read more

Tackle data science challenges as an Alan Turing Institute intern this summer

PhD students studying at a UK university are invited to apply for a 12-week summer internship based at The Alan Turing Institute in London. Interns will have the opportunity to analyse data and solve problems, share knowledge and build networks in a vibrant data science community bridging both academia and industry. Students can apply to… Read more