As the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, The Alan Turing Institute is committed to redressing gender inequality in the fields of data science and machine learning. Digital technologies are changing the way in which we live our lives and it is imperative for women, and other under-represented groups, to be equal partners in developing the algorithms, setting the research agendas, and building the applications underpinned by data science and AI. Increasing women’s participation is the only way to ensure that their perspectives and priorities will inform the insights that this new field will generate, and the uses to which it is put in society.

On this hub page, you'll find our publications and ways to connect with the programme, as well as news and resources for women interested in joining, or already involved in, the data science and AI community. You can also find out about how your company can get involved in our research by watching our 'Diversity Dashboard' tool demo in the Research section below.


As part of our research, we have developed a Diversity Dashboard to offer insights into gender inclusion within tech workplaces. The beta phase of the dashboard has been completed and we’re now looking at collaboration opportunities; get in touch via our contact form or our organisers.

Read the summary document here.

To find out more about the tool watch the demo video below.



UN women logo
The digital revolution: Implications for gender equality and women’s rights 25 years after Beijing


Where are the women?
Report: Where are the women? Mapping the gender job gap in AI




If you are a company interested in working with us or trialling our Diversity Dashboard, please get in touch directly via our organisers.

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Professor Judy Wajcman

Professor of Sociology, The London School of Economics and Political Science and The Alan Turing Institute Fellow