At the Turing we are kicking off our second year of research. Our numbers are growing, with a second intake of PhD students, Turing Fellows and visiting researchers joining us this month, and we are set to grow further as we launch our third recruitment call inviting students from around the world to apply for one of generous PhD studentships starting in 2018/19.

At the Turing, students have an opportunity to develop skills and research alongside leading experts aiming to make game changing contributions to the data science spectrum. Our studentships encourage collaborations across disciplines, consider theoretical development and application to real-world problems and offer a network of opportunities unique to the Turing.

This includes access to cutting edge IT technologies to help supercharge and speed up research. Our cloud partnership with Microsoft which started last October is empowering our researchers to achieve more, with access to $5 million of Microsoft Azure cloud computing credits.

Microsoft Azure is helping Turing researchers speed up their work and think bigger than ever before. Two Turing doctoral students, Merve Alanyali and Chanuki Seresinhe, both from University of Warwick, are using the cloud to research one of the most complex systems on the planet, human society, where measuring aspects of it has been extremely difficult until now. They are using AI and deep neural networks to analyse millions of online photos with Azure and their findings are providing deeper insights into human emotions to better understand what makes us happy, angry and frustrated.

Read more about Merve and Chanuki’s research:

Measuring human happiness and frustration using data science in the cloud

Changing the world with data science

Dr Kenji Takeda, Director of the Azure for Research programme at Microsoft, has been embedded in the Turing community to develop collaborative research opportunities and assist with Azure training for researchers and students.

He explained, “The bold, cloud-first approach at the Turing is helping to inform both UK and international policy-makers and funding agencies on how cloud computing can transform research around the world. Key projects in social science, computer vision and machine translation are now benefiting from access to cloud computing infrastructure and we are looking forward to ramping up our collaboration.”

The year ahead promises to see Azure maximised at the Institute, as more researchers join us and our research projects develop and grow in scale and ambition.

Turing Research Director, Andrew Blake, commented: “We have had an exceptional first year of research at The Turing. Working with Microsoft, our growing community of researchers have been tooled up with skills and access to Azure for cloud computing and as a result they’ve been able to undertake complex data science tasks at speed and with maximum efficiency, as illustrated by some of the stories of Turing research showcased today. We look forward to growing our engagement with the Azure platform to help us to undertake even bigger and more ambitious research over the coming academic year.”

Microsoft Azure is helping to push the boundaries of how we can use online data to measure human behaviour. We are excited to see computational power having an impact on Turing research and looking forward to seeing where it leads.

Do you have a project which could benefit from Microsoft Azure? Can you see an opportunity for a cross disciplinary research project which could be realised through the tech available at the Turing?

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If you want to study at the Turing, you need to apply for a Turing doctoral studentship before 30 November to be considered. We particularly welcome applications from graduates whose research spans multiple disciplines and applications.

Our studentships include a generous tax-free stipend of £20,500 per annum, a travel allowance and tuition fees for a period of 3.5 years.

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