The Turing Podcast: A discussion about data science careers with our strategic partner Accenture

Friday 26 Nov 2021

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The latest episode of the Turing Podcast features a special roundtable discussion with our strategic partner Accenture about career options in the data science sector. Our hosts Jo Dungate and Bea Costa Gomes were joined by three influential figures in AI and data science: Henrietta Ridley (Data Science Manager at Accenture), Alice Aspinall (Senior Manager at Mudano) and Kirstie Whitaker (the Turing’s Programme Director for Tools, Practices and Systems).

Our guests brought their different experiences and perspectives to an insightful discussion on various aspects of the data science industry, from how they first got into their fields to their career motivations and lessons learned along the way. The episode concludes with each guest offering advice to anyone at the beginning of their career.

When asked what advice they would give, Henrietta encourages our listeners simply to “do it. You’ll be challenged, you’ll learn new things”. Kirstie added: “Build very strong connections with your peers; we often get recommendations around networking with senior people… but actually your peers are going to be the influencers when you’re an influencer”. To end, Alice added: “Particularly in the early stages of your career, try everything. Even if you hate it, you’re still eliminating things you don’t want to do in the future… seeking perfection from your first job is never quite how it works”.

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