What will you do?

On the first day you will hear the different challenge pitches. After lunch you choose which of these challenges you would like to work on for the rest of the week. With groups formed around the challenges, you will then begin to explore the data and brainstorm ideas which you will then develop over the next three days.

During the week, you will need to keep a record of your work, which you and your group will compile into a report for the DSG Challenge Owner. On the Friday, you will present your work to all participants and challenge owners.

Throughout the week you will be supported by your group facilitator, chosen from the participant applications, who will help move the project forward. There will be a representative from the DSG Challenge Owner’s organisation who will work alongside you and give you insights into the business problem, the datasets, and approaches that have been tried before. You will also be able to call upon the knowledge and help of the whole data study group.

But it won’t all be work; there will also be social activities planned throughout the week.

"The challenge was particularly interesting from a research point of view as there could be many different approaches to solving this problem. Therefore, the project drew a fantastic selection of candidates to our team from different fields."

Chanuki Seresinhe, Turing Enrichment Year Doctoral Student

How do you engage?

Researchers are typically PhD students and early career academics from statistics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and computational social science, as well as wider disciplines where data science and AI skills are increasingly becoming relevant. Participating researchers include talent from across the UK and are recruited through regular open calls on the Institute’s website. 

DSG participants


You will need to be able to commit to an intensive five days at the Institute, based in the British Library in London.

Catering and travel to and from the event (up to £200 for those who are travelling from abroad) will be covered by the Turing as well as accommodation for those who don’t live in London.

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