What are Data Study Groups?

  • Intensive 'collaborative hackathons' which bring together organisations from industry, government, and the third sector, with talented multi-disciplinary researchers from academia (format is currently different due to COVID-19)
  • Organisations act as Data Study Group 'Challenge Owners', providing real-world problems to be tackled by small groups of highly talented, carefully selected researchers
  • Researchers brainstorm and engineer data science solutions, presenting their work at the end of the week

"Team up with a collaborative community of motivated data science experts, to jointly create a pathway to follow-up research and translational activities"

Sebastian Vollmer, Creator of the Turing Data Study Groups

Why does the Turing run them?

  • Challenge Owners get to quickly prototype possible solutions to their data science challenges
  • Researchers get an opportunity to put knowledge into practice and go beyond individual fields of research to solve real world problems
  • To help initiate industry collaborations for the Institute; the ideas generated can be a seed for kick-starting larger collaborative research projects
  • To help with the aims of the Institute:
    • Applying data science to real world problems
    • Training the next generation
    • Innovating and developing world-class research in data science

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