Impact through collaboration

Our long-term vision is for the Turing to be the centre of a connected network that brings together academic expertise from the UK’s world-class university sector with industry, government, and third sector partners and collaborators to research, catalyse, apply, and drive global impact in data science and AI. The Turing networks will encourage direct connections between universities, partners and other communities we reach and provide an important benchmark for the success of the Institute in driving the data science and artificial intelligence agenda in the UK.

We collaborate with industry to work on real life use cases for data science, with universities to engage with a broad pool of talent and expertise and with public bodies to ensure data science is effectively and safely employed for public good.


We seek partnerships to....

  • Tackle the thorniest challenges. We bring together different disciplines to develop solutions to hard methodological and real-world problems.
  • Drive societal and economic impact. We want outputs and outcomes of our work to resonate beyond single projects, across domains and sectors, yielding positive transformation.
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards
  • Make more progress together. We bring different research disciplines, diverse researchers, data scientists and engineers together to do what no single entity can do alone.
  • Embed outputs, outcomes, tools, practices, systems and guidance within our partners’ everyday activities.  We prefer the co-design of collaborative research over consultancy or contract research.
  • Work with real-world data. We already work with open data and synthetic data. Our partnerships provide privileged access to confidential, sensitive and proprietary data.
  • Activate the enthusiasm, curiosity and commitment of your people and ours.

Consultation: SMEs

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In Autumn 2018 the Turing conducted a consultation to better understand the needs of UK SMEs. We recognise that SMEs are a critical part of the UK’s innovation engine and play a significant role in our economy, accounting for 60 per cent of all private sector jobs and 47 per cent of revenue. As an institution dedicated primarily to research we have had limited, formal opportunities to engage this community to date. 


Current partnerships and collaborations

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The Alan Turing Institute works with a wide number of organisations, including government, charities, companies and universities to undertake world-leading research to change the world for the better.

The Institute is looking to complement and augment the UK’s capacity in data science and artificial intelligence through international collaboration.