Our brand

Guidelines on the Turing name, logo and brand


Our brand helps to define all aspects of The Alan Turing Institute and how we communicate: how we talk, who we talk to, how we operate, who we partner with, how we formulate policies and how we work together.

Brand protection

Individuals and organisations should not use the Institute’s intellectual property rights without its permission.

The Turing logo is for editorial use only and remains the copyright of The Alan Turing Institute. It should be used to indicate formal collaborations, sponsorship agreements, or established partnerships only.

Before using our logo, you must seek permission by emailing [email protected] with a description of how you would like to use it. Any permitted use must then be checked and signed off by our team.

Our brand story

The Alan Turing Institute brings great minds together to make leaps in data science research which will change the way we live for the better. Our brand – our logo, designs, words, tone of voice – showcases what we stand for and underpins our work.

Examples of the Turing brand

Our name

Our full name is The Alan Turing Institute (with capital letter on the The) and should be used as the first reference to us in the copy. After that, depending on whether the tone is formal or informal, later references can be to 'the Institute' (formal) or 'the Turing' (more informal), or used alternately throughout if appropriate. Specifically, with use of 'the Institute', it should first be specified that the reference is to The Alan Turing Institute.

We are

We are not

The Alan Turing Institute the Alan Turing Institute
Turing Institute


Our logo

To receive an approved version of the Turing logo, please contact [email protected] to seek appropriate permissions and guidance on how to use the logo.

The Alan Turing Institute logo - watermarked

The Alan Turing Institute logo - watermarked

Contact us

For any questions about our brand and for permission to use the Turing logo, please email [email protected].

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