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Upcoming Data Study Groups

The Alan Turing Institute regularly organises Data Study Groups: week-long events bringing together some of the country’s greatest talent in data science, analytics, and mathematics to analyse real-world data science challenges.

Data Study Groups are driven by results, with participants creating meaningful solutions for partners – ranging from leading corporates, to charities and government – to build on. Participating researchers are drawn from top academic talent from the Institute’s five founding universities and the wider academic community.

Each Data Study Group is a week long and they take place several times per year.

Sebastian Vollmer, director of the Data Study GroupsTuring Fellow and Associate Professor at Warwick, Sebastian Vollmer, is Director of the Data Study Groups. He comments:

“Data Study Groups are an excellent opportunity for companies – obtaining proof of concept for their challenges and connection with expert community – and for data scientists – to dive straight into amazing data sets without administrative burdens and the opportunity for future collaboration,connections and contacts.”

Past Data Study Groups have focused on data-centric engineering, industrial collaboration, security and health challenges, among others.

Learn about the experience of one the researchers and one of our industry partners from a Data Study Group, held in May, which included challenges such as urban analytics, reducing air pollution, and synthetic data generators for banking applications. You can also view the Storify to see Data Study Group updates as they happened.

If you are interested in taking part in a Data Study Group please fill in our participant form, or if you require more information, please contact us.

The next Data Study Group will be 11 – 15 December. Save the date!