eduroam at the Turing

The Institute is a participating organisation in eduroam(UK). ‘eduroam’, which stands for education roaming, is an international initiative that allows members of educational establishments to gain internet access at other member organisations easily and securely using credentials from their home organisation. Find out more about eduroam.

The Turing qualifies as both a home and visited organisation for eduroam services:

Home organisation

This allows Turing users who are visiting an institution which is a member of eduroam (including eduroam(UK)) to access the network using their Turing credentials; normally in the format of [email protected]

Visited organisation

This allows visitors from other member institutions to the Turing to access the network using the credentials provided by their home institution. If your institution isn’t a participating organisation you will need to use the guest wifi.

How do I remove settings for the eduroam network currently stored on my device?

To do this follow the instructions below for the device you have:

  • Smartphones – go into “settings” and then “Wi-Fi”, select the “Eduroam” connection and then “Forget this Network”. Please note, if you do not have the option to “forget this network” you will need to go to “settings”, “general”, “profiles”, select “eduroam” and then “Delete Profile”. You will then be able to complete the above steps to “forget the network”.
  • Apple Macbook – click on the “wireless icon”, click on “network preferences”, highlight “Wi-Fi” on the left and then click “advanced” at the bottom of the “Wi-fi pane”. In the next window, highlight “eduroam” and then click the “-“. Please note, if you do not have the option to delete eduroam you will need to go to “settings” from the taskbar, select “profiles”, select “eduroam” and then select the “-“. You will then be able to complete the above steps to delete the network.
  • Windows 10 Device – left-click on the “wireless icon” and then select “Network Settings”, then ensure “Wi-Fi” is selected from the left hand menu. In the right hand pane click “Manage Wi-Fi Settings”. In the next window select “eduroam” from under “Manage Known Networks” and click “forget”.
  • Apple Devices – to delete the eduroam profile: go to Systems preferences / Network /. In the Network screen, please select Airport/WI-FI, and then click “Advanced” under the Airport tab, select the network “eduroam” which you want to remove and click on button “-”. Then click OK.

In order to use eduroam at the Turing, you must read and abide by the following policies: