The 1st International ‘Turing’ conference on decision support and recommender systems will bring together junior and experienced researchers, industry professionals and domain experts to discuss latest trends and ongoing challenges in:

  • Human and AI-driven complex decision making, e.g. group and multi-criteria decision-making
  • Recommender systems as tools for personalised decision support
  • Interdisciplinary applications of decision making, decision support and personalisation
  • Role of machine learning and Data-Driven AI techniques in supporting decisions

About the event

Decision making processes constantly occur in our daily lives, both at an individual, collective and large-scale societal level, or even by machines. These processes often occur amid highly dynamic, uncertain and data-pervaded scenarios, thereby becoming an increasingly complex task. An added difficulty arises in contexts of information overload where the decision-maker might need tailored recommendations or guidance e.g. based on recommender system techniques.

Making highly informed decisions or providing personalised decision support is, therefore, an important challenge in various domains including: management, health and wellbeing, smart cities and urban planning, sustainability, government, leisure and tourism, networking and recruitment.

The event particularly aims at exploring the existing, or potential, interaction between various AI techniques and applications, and state-of-the-art decision support and recommendation approaches.

Young researchers (PhD students, postdocs) are particularly encouraged to attend for an opportunity to network with and receive advice from leading experts in the aforesaid areas.

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