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About the event

This two day workshop will bring together the community of The Alan Turing Institute (ATI), AI researchers from industry, and scientists working with CERN or SKA surrounding the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for scientific discovery.  The aim is to gain an understanding of what has been achieved in High Energy Physics (HEP) using data from CERN, and in astrophysics leveraging data obtained through radio astronomy. Areas of interest include processing of the raw instrument data, use of science data products for research and applicable technology.  In discussions, possible new areas of collaboration and research will be explored.

The agenda will include a mix of invited talks, accepted submissions and generous time for discussions.

Topics of interest:

AI at very large scales

Models used for scientific discovery

Opening new doors in scientific discovery through AI

Technological discoveries and implementations

Organisers and program committee:

Prof Paul Alexander, (Cambridge, UK)

Prof Alan Barr, (Oxford, UK)

Dr Peter Braam, (Peter Braam)

Dr Maria Girone, (CERN)

Prof Mike Hobson, (Cambridge, UK)

Prof Terry Lyons, (Oxford, UK)

Dr Nicholas Rees, (SKA)

Prof Ian Shipsey, (Oxford, UK)


The Alan Turing Institute

1st floor of the British Library, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB