AI ethics in the financial sector


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Tuesday 16 Jul 2019 - Wednesday 17 Jul 2019
Time: 09:30 - 17:30

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Industry (£320 - £590) Academic/Civil Servant (£140 - £260)

About the event

Advances in data science and artificial intelligence are transforming business practices across the financial sector. Relevant technological developments and their applications in banking, insurance, and asset management promise significant benefits to firms, consumers, and society at large, but also give rise to a wide range of ethical questions and concerns, including issues of regulatory importance.

The Alan Turing Institute is organising a two-day symposium dedicated to the ethics of AI in the financial sector, featuring keynote speeches from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Aimed at senior leadership, data and technology officers, and technical specialists from firms across all industries in the financial sector, the event will highlight the importance of ethics in the context of AI in the financial sector, present regulators’ perspectives on the topic, and showcase state-of-the art technical approaches to integrating ethical considerations in practice. 

Spread out over two days, with plenty of opportunities for networking, this exclusive symposium will start by featuring regulators’ views and high-level perspectives on AI ethics in the financial sector (Day 1), followed by presentations of technical work that examines ways of addressing ethical concerns in practice (Day 2). While participants are welcome to attend any part of the programme, senior leaders may take a particular interest in the content of day 1, with the content of day 2 being especially relevant to technical specialists.

Day 1 - Regulators' views and high level perspectives

The morning of the first day will feature keynote speeches by Christopher Woolard (Director, Strategy & Competition, Financial Conduct Authority) and Simon McDougall (Executive Director, Technology Policy & Innovation, Information Commissioner’s Office), followed by an extensive Q&A session dedicated to the FCA’s and ICO’s perspectives on ethical issues in relation to the use of AI in the financial sector. The afternoon will expand on the importance of AI ethics in the financial sector through high-level contributions from leading academics.

Day 2 - Technical perspectives

The second day will feature a series of short presentations of cutting-edge technical work. Presentations will be grouped into sessions dedicated to the following four thematic areas: digital rights, privacy, and data management; bias and fairness; transparency and explainability; market efficiency and financial stability.



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