AI UK | 2020 Digital poster exhibition

See what the future holds for data science and artificial intelligence

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Tuesday 02 Jun 2020
Time: 11:00 - 12:30

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AI UK webinars


A. BerquandC. BuizzaK. GreimanM. LeeM. LiN. NisbettO. RivasplataS. Ford
c. bodnar
 S. JadL. CastroA. Parkesr. debnath


As a truly national institute, we provide a platform for excellent research that is underway across the whole of the UK. As such, we are delighted to announce to host a unique opportunity for researcher development and training, with UK students displaying and presenting their current research in artificial intelligence.

About the event

Join the interactive audience at this virtual exhibition to hear from the UK's next generation of data science talent on their research techniques and applications, and see what the future holds for artificial intelligence.  

The exhibition will be live for 1.5 hours and you will be able to visit each students' display and engage in conversation and ask questions.

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Amy Parkes

University of Southampton

Increasing the efficiency of shipping through Machine Learning using data gathered in operation.

Audrey Berquand

University of Strathclyde

A Design Engineering Assistant for the Early Stages of Space Mission Design

Caterina Buizza

Imperial College London

Using Data Learning for Human Motion Tracking

Cristian Bodnar

University of Cambridge

Quantile QT-Opt for Risk-Aware Vision-Based Robotic Grasping

Joseph Early & Keri Grieman

University of Southampton/ QMUL

Regulation of AI and Corresponding Explainability Practices

Leonardo Mariano Castro Gonzalez

University of Birmingham

Understanding, Predicting and Preventing Drug-related Problems in the UK: A Data-centric Approach

Maolin Li

University of Manchester

Modelling Instance-Level Annotator Reliability for Natural Language Labelling Tasks

Nicole Nisbett

University of Leeds

Harnessing Citizen Input: a new tool for parliaments

Omar Rivasplata


PAC-Bayes Analysis Beyond the Usual Bounds

Seng Ah (Michelle) Lee

University of Cambridge

Spelling errors and non-standard language in peer-to-peer loan applications and the borrower’s probability of default

Stephanie Ford


Cognitive radar mode selection

Sumayya Jad

University of Reading

A Data-Driven Decision-Making Maturity Model for the UK Local Government

Ramit Debnath

University of Cambridge

Deep-narrative analysis for policy support

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