Big data and big problems in image-based healthcare technology

British Library 7th – 8th December

Main organisers:Danny Alexander, Daniel Rueckert, Mike Davies, Steve Smith, Nasir Rajpoot, David Menon

The workshop brings together key stakeholders from the ATI partner institutions and beyond to map the opportunities and challenges for data-science application and development in medical imaging and related healthcare technology. Medical imaging data collection is increasing rapidly in scale and diversity leading to large databases (1000s to 100,000s of subjects) containing rich information on population diversity in health and disease. Major data-science challenges arise in the exploitation of this data: compatibility across devices, protocols, and centres; data curation and privacy; integration of imaging and non-imaging information. The opportunities afforded by this data explosion are manifold, but require clear definition to enable focussed technological effort on the key challenges and applications.  The workshop will scope out:

  1. Technological opportunities enabled by the increased availability of large medical imaging data sets
  2. The challenges involved in harnessing their potential
  3. The data-science tools currently available to address those challenges
  4. The technological gaps that we need to fill to realise long-term potential