Ahead of the June 23 release into circulation of the new Turing £50 banknote (and Alan's 109th birthday), The Alan Turing Institute is hosting a virtual lunchtime panel discussion exploring the life and legacy of Alan Turing to find out why he still means so much, to so many. 

Our speakers' expertise range from Turing's personal history, his work at Bletchley Park and his scientific legacy as one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence and modern computing.

About the event

This free event will explore what we can learn from Alan Turing’s legacy, from the perspective of the national institute of data science and AI created in his name, and what that means in 2021, picking out the positive action points that we can take forward to better science and society as a whole.

We’ll be asking our panellists why Alan Turing means so much to them, in order to understand the huge reach he’s had across so many scientific fields.

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Professor Sue Black

Founder of Techmums, Professor in Computer Science and Technology Evangelist at Durham University

Dr Clara Barker

Manager of CfAS, University of Oxford and Dean of Equality and Diversity at Linacre College