Bridging disciplines in analysing text as social and cultural data

Date: 21 – 22 September 2017

Time: 09:30-18:00

Location: The Alan Turing Institute

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The potential benefits of using large-scale text data to study social and cultural phenomena is increasingly being recognized, but researchers are currently scattered across a range of often distinct research communities. However, many methodological challenges cut across research disciplines and require interdisciplinary synergies. This workshop aims to address the gap between research methodologies in NLP/ML and the humanities and the social sciences.

We are organising a workshop on “Bridging disciplines in analysing text as social and cultural data (#aTTACheD)”, with a focus on methodological challenges and the differences in approaches in the NLP and social sciences & humanities communities. The workshop will take place 21-22 September 2017 at The Alan Turing Institute, London, UK.

Invited speakers are:

Kenneth Benoit (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Joanna Bryson (University of Bath/Princeton)

Jacob Eisenstein (Georgia Tech)

David Mimno (Cornell)

Simon DeDeo (Carnegie Mellon University)

Dirk Hovy (University of Copenhagen)

Dennis Tenen (Columbia)

Rebekah Tromble (Leiden University)

Jane Winters (University of London)

If you are interested, please apply on the website by June 7. Notifications will be sent out by June 21. We may have student support funding (more details will be released). We aim to have a balanced representation of participants from the different disciplines relevant to this workshop and a range of levels of seniority. Participants should expect to engage with researchers outside their discipline and be able to attend both days.

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