Building a future for the urban analytics blueprint

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Wednesday 16 Oct 2019 - Friday 18 Oct 2019
Time: 10:00 - 17:00

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The world is increasingly urban, complex, data-rich, and machine-learned. Urban analytics uses data on our everyday experiences in cities to improve the efficiency of urban systems, raise the quality of life for inhabitants, and to increase our understanding of how people interact with the built environment. This research is critical as cities and their inhabitants face intensifying, system-wide environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Research areas in Urban Analytics include transit, commuting, and spatial interaction; segregation and the study of urban society; architecture and design; environmental and sustainability science; Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins, and smart cities; social network analysis; crowd behaviour; and economic development, among others. Given the central position of the city in society, The Alan Turing Institute’s Urban Analytics Programme seeks to address these challenges through data-intensive science. 

This collaborative workshop will take place in Bristol, UK.

About the event

This workshop is a 2+1 day event that brings together experts from a range of backgrounds. The first two days, we will revise and finalise our shared vision for the Urban Analytics Programme. On the third optional day, we invite all attendees to sessions & our public consultation at the Festival of the Future City on Friday, engaging with the broader public. 

We invite participants from a variety of institutional backgrounds and career stages, in particular early career & postgraduates, to attend.  


Day 1 and 2 (16 and 17 October) form the core of the “Building a Future” event. In these two days, we expect attendees from a variety of institutions and career stages to come together to review, revise, and improve our Urban Analytics programme vision statement & strategic plan. This will mainly be oriented around short research talks, breakout sessions to discuss and critique the vision statement, collaborative writing to improve the statement, and networking events to foster introduce and connect workshop participants.  

The optional Day 3  (18 October) of the workshop fosters broader public engagement at the Festival of the Future City. We invite researchers in all stages of their career to attend workshops and discussion at the Festival to represent the Urban Analytics Programme in discussions at this international on the future city. In addition, we invite these researchers to our public consultation with organisations at the Festival who are interested in getting started with data science and cooperating with the Turing and the Urban Analytics programme. 

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