Civic data science workshop: Bridging the gap between data and society

Date: 20 October 2017

Time: 09:00-17:00

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Venue: The Alan Turing Institute

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Data science has more capabilities to help us understand the world than ever before, yet data and evidence are becoming less relevant in public discussion. On one hand, governments, non-profit organisations and citizen initiatives collect increasing amounts of raw data and make them available to the public. On the other hand, the public increasingly distrust statistics to such an extent that “post-truth” has been chosen as the word of 2016. In this workshop, we seek ways of bridging this gap.

This workshop will bring together journalists, data science researchers and data publishers to discuss how can we reverse this trend and make data and reporting using data more accessible, trustworthy and relevant for decision making and public discourse. We will cover a range of relevant topics including data wrangling, visualization, data-driven storytelling as well as ethical machine learning.

Plan for the day

The first half of the workshop will feature talks by invited guests including journalists, government employees, Turing researchers and interns presenting their work on a range of topics including:

  • Data wrangling challenges when working with public and government data sources
  • How can we use data to challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking?
  • What can data science tell us about social media, elections and the news?
  • How can we increase transparency in the way we use public data in reports?

The second half of the workshop will be less structured and will feature discussions in smaller groups about topics that we will collect from the attendees prior to the workshop. We are aiming to provide a welcoming space where we can initiate new collaborations around data science using public data for the public benefit and where we can identify important challenges for data science research.

Note on tickets

The event is free and open to all interested. As we are keen to bring together different communities with a range of expererience, please choose a ticket type that best captures your current job, role or interests.