Could AI solve your data problems?

Data science-focused pilot open to charities and NGOs working within the environment and sustainability space

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Wednesday 09 Mar 2022
Time: 10:30 - 15:00

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Data Study Groups


The  Alan Turing Institute is committed to tackling climate change and its impacts through the power of data science and artificial intelligence.

Data Study Groups (DSGs) and the Turing Internship Network (TIN) are combining for a pilot programme to support charities and NGOs working within the environment and sustainability space. 

The Turing will help place PhD data science researchers within partner organisations to work on their data challenges. In conjunction with this research they will also prepare a related DSG challenge, that will be held towards the end of the six-month internship. The Turing will then invite a wide variety of data science experts to further explore these challenges during the DSG. They will then put forward a range of potential solutions or routes for further investigation in response to these problems.

The Turing will cover the costs of both the internship and entry to the DSG. Partner organisations will need to oversee and support their interns, be ready to share their data and participate in the subsequent DSG. Find out more about the pilot

What is data? 

Data can be defined as any information that’s been collected  for reference or analysis.  While you may think of data as numbers in a table, which it often is, data is everywhere – almost everything you can sense can be captured in some way and analysed using data science methods, such as: 

  • Images and videos.  
  • Speech and sound. 
  • Words and symbols. 

With all these forms of data, their shapes and structures can be broken down into their constituent parts to find patterns that can be used for all kinds of applications, such as: 

  • Recommendations and choices based on your likes, dislikes, friends, and location. 
  • Facial recognition for security, and for services.  
  • Truths that humans might never see, simply due to the sheer volume of examples we would need to digest. 

The possibilities are endless.

About the event

This workshop is the first step in getting involved in the DSG TIN pilot programme and will focus on preparing interested organisations for their application into the programme.

During the workshop you will hear about the pilot and have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as considerations on what makes a good challenge. After the workshop, organisations will be able to apply for the pilot. 

Organisations must be based in the UK (or have offices within the UK). If you have any questions please send through to [email protected]


Draft agenda

  • Introduction to Data Study Groups and how they benefit challenge owners
  • Introduction to the Turing Internship Network
  • Overview of different challenges that benefit from TIN and DSG
  • Assessment criteria for the DSG TIN pilot application
  • Feedback discussions and advice on your challenge proposals with a researcher

A full agenda with timings will be shared with applicants. 

Apply to attend

This workshop is open to charities and NGOs working within the environment and sustainability space. 

Application closes on 7 March at 17:00 GMT. 

Your answers in section 1 and 2 of the apply to attend form will be used by the academic support researcher on the day of the workshop to help answer the following:

  • What work would the intern be required to carry out?
  • Can an intern in a 3-6 month full time placement prepare this research to become a DSG challenge?
  • What would the challenge owner need to change to make this a 3-6 month engagement?
  • Is there scope to expand the research within the constraints of a DSG activity?
  • Can you formulate the challenge into 2 or 3 questions?


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