Data Study Group: Industrial Collaboration

Date: 22-26 May 2017

Applications for this Data Study Group are now closed.

The Institute organises and promotes regular collaboration with industry partners in order to explore and achieve significant data science application to real world challenges.

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Organisers: Arieze Goyea, Nicolas Guernion, Julian Manser and Sebastian Vollmer.

Working in collaboration with organisations such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), HSBC, Siemens and Thomson Reuters researchers focus on subjects such as:

  • HSBC: Synthetic data generators for banking applications
  • Dstl: Cyber Data Science – What/Who/How of a Cyber Attack
  • Dstl: Urban Analytics – Machine Learning for Location Prediction; Where Should We Look First?
  • Siemens: Reducing Air Pollution through Improved Traffic Control.
  • Samsung: Clustering of mobile game users and prediction of cluster transition.
  • Thomson Reuters: Predictive graph analytics for investment portfolio management

Please note that places for the data study group are limited.

What is the Data Study Group?

The Data Study Group brings together researchers and industry to work on data science challenges posed by top companies.  Up to six different organisations will each present a different real world data challenge of their choice. You will choose which challenge is of interest to you, working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams to address the task at hand. Over an intensive five days, you will use all your skills to explore the challenge and design solutions, culminating in a presentation and report.

Last December we ran a very successful interdisciplinary Data Study Group which focused on data-centric engineering.

What’s in it for you?

– Gain experience in working with real-world problems.

– An opportunity to put your knowledge into practice, to broaden your horizons and to work beyond your individual field of research.

– An opportunity to network with the industry and fellow academics, and a chance to get involved in some of the earliest industry collaborations taking place at the newly formed Alan Turing Institute.

– All involved will be exposed to diverse industrial companies beyond the more mainstream data science sectors with serious data science problems.

The Institute will cover travel and accommodation expenses, and provide food and drink throughout the week.

Email for further information.