Like many industries, composite manufacturing is increasingly taking advantage of data and artificial intelligence (AI). However, to fully unleash the potential for digital manufacturing will require deeper relationships between manufacturing experts and data/AI experts.

To help integrate these sets of expertise the EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub and the Data-centric engineering programme at The Alan Turing Institute will run a joint workshop for people in manufacturing industries with an interest in AI, and for people in AI with an interest in manufacturing, to come together.

About the event

Whatever stage of the journey you are at, we hope to initiate conversations on what the problems are and to share ideas on how to tackle them.

The event will consist of talks to introduce the state of the art work in AI and in digital manufacturing. There will also be facilitated breakout sessions to discuss the main issues and solutions.

We hope to form new partnerships with the aim of more regular interactions, ensuring that the manufacturing sector is ready for future challenges.


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Reed Kopp

2021 PhD graduate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology