Engineering Applications of Blockchain Technologies

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Tuesday 31 Jan 2017
Time: 09:30 - 19:00

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The Lloyd's Register Foundation programme for data-centric engineering puts data considerations at the core of engineering design. There are two valuable outputs from the data-centric engineering process, the physical asset and the digital asset and the assurance of both is critical to the safety of engineered systems. The event will explore the role which distributed ledger and blockchain technologies might play in providing this assurance. The workshop will bring together subject matter experts and representatives from a range of industry sectors such as aerospace, marine and oil and gas, with the aims of demystifying the technology and developing an understanding of the potential for disruptive innovation and the associated benefits for engineered systems within the industry sectors being considered.

A welcome to the event will be given by Professor Richard Clegg, CEO of the Lloyd's Register Foundation. Professor Mark Girolami will provide an introduction to the Lloyds Register Foundation Programme for Data-Centric Engineering, setting in context the work being undertaken on distributed ledgers and blockchain. This will be followed by short talks from prominent researchers and developers to provide some more detailed insights into the technologies. The core part of the event will be an exploration of potential domain applications of blockchain technologies, identifying the potential benefits, challenges and system integration issues that might be envisaged. The output of the workshop will be used to inform a Lloyd's Register Foundation and The Alan Turing Institute report detailing the considerations in applying the technology for engineering applications. If you or a colleague are interested in attending, please register your interest by emailing [email protected] stating your interest. You will hear from us regarding attendance in January 2017.

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