Exploring Novel Opportunities for Data Science In Cardiovascular Research

Date: 28 March 2017

Time: 9:30-18:30

Please note that attendance at this workshop is currently invitation only.

If you are interested in attending or would like to find out more, email Turing Events team.

Innovative analyses of large and (often) unstructured datasets, ranging from molecular data generated by ‘omics technologies to health data derived from patient records, have the potential to generate important new knowledge that impacts on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Such analyses will require a collaborative effort between cardiovascular investigators and specialist data scientists.

This workshop, co-hosted by the British Heart Foundation (the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research in the UK) and the Alan Turing Institute (the UK’s national institute for data science) aims to inspire such collaboration by providing an important opportunity for the respective communities to explore each other’s resource.es, capabilities and needs. It is anticipated that an important outcome of the workshop will be a new funding stream to support the initiation of pioneering collaborative research projects.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Carola Bibiane-Schönlieb (University of Cambridge)
  • Chris Russell (Alan Turing Institute & University of Surrey)
  • Mihaela van der Schaar (University of Oxford)
  • Chris Holmes (University of Oxford)
  • Efthymia Tsamoura (University of Oxford)
  • Lester Russell (Intel)

This workshop is co-led by Leonardo Bottolo (Reader in Statistics, University of Cambridge & Alan Turing Institute Faculty Fellow) and Metin Avkiran (Associate Medical Director, British Heart Foundation).