Gamechangers for diversity in STEM

Be the 'gamechangers' of tomorrow and tackle the major problems facing diversity in STEM.


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Friday 21 Sep 2018 - Saturday 22 Sep 2018
Time: 09:45 - 17:30

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Spaces at the Gamechangers hackathon are limited. The organisers will select up to 40 participants based on their prior experiences working towards promoting the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented groups, and/or improving their STEM working environment for all.

For more information, please visit the Gamechangers website.


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About the event

Across STEM industries and academic institutions there are many challenges: professional isolation, sexual harassment and bullying and difficulties balancing work and family. These sorts of experiences disproportionately affect women, people from ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ community and disabled people.

There are currently many projects to increase the uptake of STEM subjects by school/undergraduate students. However there are very few evidence based, large scale projects to improve the environment within these areas.

This event hopes to provide an opportunity for like-minded people across a variety of STEM based fields to network, design and develop projects to 1) increase diversity in STEM and 2) improve the working environment. The event will include invited talks and panel discussions, alongside sessions for participants to work collaboratively on projects. There will be time for unconference presentations by participants, as well as ample time for networking. The second day will close with pitches, where participants present their ideas to funders and industry leaders to obtain funding to take the projects forward.

Keynote talks:

Why we must engage with AI now - Tabitha Goldstaub (CognitionX, UK)

The reality is that AI adopts the biases of its creators: humans. If existing misogyny and unconscious gender bias is codified into the next wave of technology, the underrepresented are exposed to a less fair, more unequal future. How can we change the conversation and the technology to ensure all humans flourish not just the few?

How to make a fuss: achieving solutions efficiently - Dr Emma Chapman (Royal Astronomical Society, UK)

In this talk, Emma will discuss the most effective methods that she and The 1752 Group have used for achieving change within institutions and the wider culture, from learning to send a polite but firm email and engaging activist support, to knowing when to give up in a constructive way.

Being LGBTQ+ in STEM - Dr Alfredo Carpineti (IFLScience, UK)

What is it like being LGBTQ+ in a STEM field in this day and age? What are the challenges, what is being done, and what our hopes for the future are.

Championing equality, diversity, and inclusion in STEM: Ozak's Perspective - Dr Ozak Esu (Institution of Engineering, UK)




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