Acquired through experience, our habit-reliant, pre-reflective intelligence normally plays a vitally important role in our ethical lives. When discussed, we typically hear about anticipated harms and benefits, or about the extent to which a given tool improves our capacity to engage in ethical deliberation. Very little is said about the impact of data-intensive technologies on our ability to modify the deeply-rooted habits that stem from our increased technological dependence.

This in person event encourages cross-disciplinary reflection on the type of interventions likely to address the often-neglected role of the habitual in our ethical lives. Whether they bear on the design of legal institutions or data-intensive technologies, specific design choices can result in fostering, rather than hindering, our habit-dependent, pre-reflective intelligence.

About the event

During the discussion, you will hear from a cross-disciplinary panel who will consider the challenges inherent in taking on board the significance -and fragility- of our pre-reflective agency within all the value-loaded aspects of our lives.

It’s not just the debate surrounding legal institutions that suffers from ‘wilful neglect’ when it comes to their roots in and impact on pre-reflective agency. Much of the debate on data-intensive technologies is also shrunk to concerns about the preservation of deliberative autonomy, all the while ignoring pernicious effects on the integrity of our pre-reflective agency.

If ‘habitual ethics’ is to remain a live possibility, rather than some dangerous form of ideology, we each have a role to play, whether through pro-active citizenry, institutional modifications or system design intervention.


17:45 – Event opens

18:00 – In conversation with...

  • Professor Sylvie Delacroix, Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Birmingham and Turing Fellow.
  • Professor Neil Lawrence, Deep Mind Professor of Machine Learning, University of Cambridge and Senior AI Turing Fellow.
  • Dr Emran Mian, Director General of Decentralisation and Growth, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.
  • Dr David Leslie, Director of Ethics and Responsible Innovation Research at The Alan Turing Institute. 

Chaired by Timandra Harkness, Presenter, writer and comedian.

19:30 – Networking reception 

20:30 – Event ends 

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This event is of interest to all those concerned with the environment that shapes our pre-reflective intelligence, but we welcome participation from all backgrounds.


Dr David Leslie

Director of Ethics and Responsible Innovation Research, The Alan Turing Institute



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