Health Data: Fit or Failing?

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Monday 12 Jun 2017
Time: 18:37

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Date: 12 June 2017 Time: 18:00 - 20:00 DETAILS 


In collaboration with The British Library. Please note, there is a £5 registration fee for this event.

Do we value our privacy more than new medical discoveries?  Data-driven technology developments are transforming our medical knowledge and giving medical professionals new insights into patients’ wellbeing. Data gathering technology such as fitbits helps monitor heart rates, blood sugar levels and sleep cycles, whereas IBM’s A.I. system, Watson, gives scientists insight into how genes affect our health. In the 21st century, medical developments are relying on data more than ever before. How can we balance the potential benefits of using personal data for healthcare research, with the ethical dilemmas they provoke? Should we allow companies to use medical data for technological developments and interventions that may improve our lifestyles, or does this contravene our privacy rights? Data analysis could help predict epidemics and optimise clinical trials, but offers an ethical difficulty for medical professionals. Join the discussion with an expert panel in the Knowledge Centre at The British Library. Speakers include:

  • Luciano Floridi,Turing Faculty Fellow and Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the Oxford Internet Institute. His research areas are the philosophy of Information, information and computer ethics, and the philosophy of technology.
  • Sabina Leonelli, Co-Director of the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences (Egenis), where she leads the Data Studies research strand. Currently, Sabina focuses on the philosophy, history and sociology of data-intensive science, especially the research processes, scientific outputs and social embedding of Open Science, Open Data and Big Data.
  • Natalie Banner, Policy Adviser at Wellcome Trust. Her focus is on how to get the best use and value from health and genetic data while ensuring it is well protected, responsibly managed and ethically used, both in the UK and internationally.

The panel will be chaired by writer and broadcaster Timandra Harkness. Timandra presents BBC Radio 4 series, FutureProofing and has presented the documentaries, Data, Data Everywhere, Personality Politics & The Singularity. Her recent book Big Data: Does Size Matter? has been published by Bloomsbury Sigma in June 2016. She is Visiting Fellow in Big Data, Information Rights and Public Engagement within the Centre for Information Rights at the University of Winchester. The Data Debate series is a collaboration between The Alan Turing Institute, The British Library and the Economic and Social Research Council.

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British Library, Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is located on the main forecourt outside the main British Library building, at 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

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