Improving the data analytics process

Main Organisers:
Chris Williams, Ian Horrocks, Zoubin Ghahramani, Mark Girolami, John Shawe-Taylor

The task of going from data to actionable knowledge involves many stages and processes, with feedback cycles. Various academic
disciplines such as databases, statistics and machine learning study parts of the process, but there is a great need to look at the process
as a whole, and identify key aspects that need improvement or better integration in order to maximize the benefit that can be obtained from the data.

In the workshop we will address the following scientific questions:

  1. What are the pinchpoints/bottlenecks in the data analytics process, as exemplified by the case studies and the wider experience of the participants?
  2. What methods (and associated software tools) can be used can be used to address the issues identified above?
  3. Do the methods and tools from 2) solve all of the problems? If not, what research questions arise, and what software development is needed?

The two-day workshop will start with case studies in areas such as healthcare, science and industry, discussing the pinchpoints from their experience. We will then discuss in small groups issues arising from the cases studies, and lead into discussions of cross-cutting generic issues. We will conclude with a discussion of lessons learned and the opportunities for an ATI research programme in this area.

Dates: 18th – 19th November 2015

Location: Edinburgh