International statistical approaches to COVID-19

Visiting lecture by Simon Cauchemez and Vittoria Colizza – Institut Pasteur and Inserm respectively

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Thursday 21 Oct 2021
Time: 16:00 - 17:00


A virtual event, hosted by the Turing – RSS Laboratory  

Introduced by Professor Sylvia Richardson, Chair of Biostatistics, University of Cambridge; Director, MRC Biostatistics Unit; Technical Director of the Turing-RSS Laboratory and Dr Daniel Lévy-Brühl MD, Head of Unit, Infectious diseases Department, Sante Publique France.

About the event

In this distinguished international lecture by Simon Cauchemez and Vittoria Colizza, who lead modelling teams at Institut Pasteur and Inserm respectively, they will discuss their experience in being heavily involved in the COVID-19 response in France, and how they interfaced with Santé Publique France.

In addition, they will describe the challenges and findings in the use of models for decision support, especially in the context of societies opening up.


Professor Sylvia Richardson

Dr Daniel Lévy-Brühl

Professor Simon Cauchemez

Professor Virroria Colizza


  1. Introduction: Professor Sylvia Richardson
  2. Introduction to Sante Publique France: Daniel Lévy-Brühl
  3. International Statistical Approaches to COVID-19: Simon Cauchemez and Vittoria Colizza
  4. Q&A

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