Measuring information exposure in dynamic and dependent networks

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Monday 22 Jul 2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00


The Internet and social media have radically changed the media environment, the types of content the public is exposed to as well as the exposure process itself.  Individuals are faced with a wider range of options (from social and traditional media), new patterns of exposure (socially mediated and selective), and alternate modes of content production (e.g. user-generated content). One of the central questions about the effect of these technological changes is whether and how the developments have contributed to increased polarisation in society and incorrect beliefs through exposure to a narrow range of views and fake news.

About the event

Measuring Information Exposure in Dynamic and Dependent Networks (EXPONet) is an ESRC/NCRM funded project on the measurement of media exposure in the digital age. As part of this project we have developed a set of tools that allow researchers to trace news exposure using digital trace data, extract and analyse text and detect online communities of news audiences, and model how these exposure networks change over time. These tools are built on computational data science methods including dynamic network analysis, natural language processing and machine learning.

Morning session (10am-12:45pm)

We will present key research findings from EXPONet that have arisen from the implementation of the tools we have developed. Speakers will include Prof. Susan Banducci (Exeter), Dr. Travis Coan (Exeter), Dr. Iulia Cioroianu (Bath), Dr Hywel Williams (Exeter) and Dr Lorien Jasny (Exeter).

Afternoon session (1:30pm - 4pm)

Prof. David Lazer (Northeastern) will deliver a key-note talk on the spread of fake news during the 2016 Presidential Election. The day will culminate with a panel discussion on the topic "Improving exposure to quality information through Digital Engagement & Civic Technology" with panellists including Dr Rebecca Rumbul (Research Director at mySociety) and Polly Curtis (Journalist and Visiting fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford). 



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