Nature Reviews Physics – AI for science and government (ASG) series

At the interface between machine learning and physics


Machine learning is no longer restricted to data analysis, currently being used in theory, experiment and simulation ⁠– a sign that AI is becoming pervasive in all traditional aspects of research. But are theorists, experimentalists and computational scientists aware of each other’s problems, and the solutions developed to tackle them? Are researchers working in different areas of physics aware of developments in other areas?

Nature Reviews Physics and The Alan Turing Institute are tapping into international and local expertise to try to identify the different classes of problems that machine learning can help physicists solve and the key issues that physicists and machine learning scientists should be aware of. In doing so we are hoping to create a framework to facilitate understanding and the exchange of ideas. Through a series of talks followed by discussions we aim to identify the most exciting developments in using AI in different areas of physics. A seminar series organised by Nature Reviews Physics and The Alan Turing Institute.

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Why we have partnered

Nature Reviews Physics and The Alan Turing Institute are in the unique position to be able to reach out to the broader physics and AI communities and bring together international and local expertise. This partnership offers the opportunity to harness community insight and benefit from editorial guidance to produce streamlined discussions and high-quality summary content.

This innovative partnership encourages collaboration between fields, institutions and businesses. The aim being to solve mutual issues, benefitting all. Find out more about ASG.

Intended audience

This series is of interest to physicists from all fields who are using or intending to use AI in their research. It is equally relevant to AI scientists who are developing new machine learning tools and who would want to know what types of problems physicists are trying to solve. The talks and follow-up discussions are non-technical so that the content is accessible to non-specialists. 

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Each episode within the series is saved on the Turing YouTube page.

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If you have any further questions about the events, please contact Zaynab Ismail (Research Project Manager) at [email protected]