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Pint of Science brings scientists to discuss their latest research with you.

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Monday 20 May 2019 - Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time: 19:30 - 21:30

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Pint of Science (PoS) is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local pub to present their scientific discoveries. 

About the event

Monday 20 May 2019: Decisions, decisions, data

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Gaming for military precision decisions, Simon Lucas

Rapid progress in Game AI is demonstrating that given enough data or experience, machines can rival or surpass even the most skilled human decision-makers in complex domains.  There are now rapidly emerging opportunities to apply modern AI to military decision-making problems to improve operational planning and avoid unforeseen consequences. Simon Lucas describes how statistical forward planning algorithms can make intelligent actions in a range of environments.

Data for disaster management, Steven Reece

Situation awareness can be the difference between life and death when responding to disasters. But now an abundance of data is available; from satellites to tweets, from UAVs to in-situ sensors, from expert knowledge to mathematical hazard models. Making sense of all this in a timely, accurate manner is critical to effective disaster management. This talk explores how novel machine learning approaches to data fusion can combine data together, remove unreliable data and identify informative sources.


Tuesday 21 May 2019: Empowering autistic people through citizen science - SOLD OUT

Using citizen science to empower autistic people and build inclusive public spaces, Kirstie Whitaker, Dianna Smith and Rebecca Sterry

Autistica’s vision is a world where all autistic people and their families live a long, happy, healthy life. Brightly lit, noisy, and overcrowded spaces make it difficult for autistic people with sensory processing differences to navigate their environment. Researchers at the Alan Turing Institute are building a citizen science platform to collect autistic people’s stories of challenges they experience in a world built by neurotypical people. The panel will discuss how these insights can be ethically shared and translated to impact how we design our cities. All audience members will leave knowing what they can do to improve the lives of autistic people and how they can contribute to the project.


Wednesday 22 May 2019: Taking care of your data - SOLD OUT

Security in the cloud, Jon Crowcroft

Cloud computing services offer hugely scalable resources, but don't always guarantee confidentiality and integrity of compute jobs. By taking advantage of new hardware technology for trusted computing, this project aims to create a new, secure big data platform that allows for secure computing in the cloud.

On your mark, get set, go! Data scientists making platforms for your exercise data, Ioannis Kosmidis

Wearable GPS and motion-tracking devices have transformed running, cycling and swimming into activities that produce diverse data types in large volumes. Keeping track of all this information is undoubtedly useful to inform recreational and professional athletic activities and, ultimately, improve well-being, but also a complex process.

This talk will showcase trackeRapp, which is a customisable, open-source and free-to-use web-platform that provides a workflow for keeping track of your running, cycling and swimming activities. trackeRapp is a spin-off from collaborative research with Olympic sports teams on data-analysis methods for better understanding the impact fitness and fatigue have on athletic performance.


Dr Steven Reece

Senior Research Associate, Machine Learning Research Group, University of Oxford

Dianna Smith

Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Science, University of Southampton


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