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Alan Turing Institute Symposium Dates: April 6 - 7, 2016 Location: The Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building, St Hugh’s College, St Margaret’s Road, Oxford OX2 6UL, UK DOWNLOAD DRAFT AGENDA Event open to researchers and staff of the Turing joint venture partners and by invitation to participants from other universities and organisations. This symposium will discuss the challenges around reproducibility and sustainability of data-intensive research outputs, across the disciplines of focus of the Turing. Reproducibility is both a technical and a socio-cultural issue, requiring new metadata systems, technical architectures, workflows and research working practices in an increasingly open and transparent environment. One area of emphasis will be the Turing’s own outputs, which will include algorithms, computations, data and code. The workshop will convene an interdisciplinary group of researchers and data scientists to discuss these challenges in sectors in which the Turing intends to have greatest impact, for example in health, medicine, bioscience, urban environments, finance, transport, social sciences and digital media. As well as researchers from the Turingcommunity, the symposium will coalesce a broad spectrum of UK and international stakeholders from institutions such as the Digital Curation Centre and the Software Sustainability Institute; and from publishers and data repositories. Our objective is to crystallise research challenges, to understand implementation issues, foster knowledge exchange and to maximise downstream impact. Key topics to be addressed will include:

  • Reproducibility for big data, real-time data
  • Role of data provenance in supporting reproducibility
  • Validation and verification of computational models
  • Novel architectures and infrastructures for reproducibility and engagement with service providers
  • Data curation, management and archiving; software sustainability and digital preservation in a data science context
  • Data citation, re-use and methods of attribution for derived data
  • Data openness and transparency, privacy and confidentiality issues.

The Symposium is being convened by: Lucie Burgess, Jeremy Gibbons and David de Roure, University of Oxford; Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge); Thomas Nichols (University of Warwick); David Pym (UCL); Paolo Missier (Newcastle University); Carole Goble (Manchester University); Adam Farquhar (British Library); Richard O’Beirne and David Crotty (Oxford University Press). This event is funded by the Alan Turing Institute, and generously sponsored by Oxford University Press. For more information, please contact Lucie Burgess, via her PA, at [email protected].

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