A regular series of open invitation talks from leading voices in data science, AI, healthcare and those with lived experience dealing with multiple long-term conditions (MLTC). This seminar series is part of the AI for multiple long-term conditions: Research Support Facility project. 

Speaker: Michelle Roberts & Eve Riley, The Richmond Group of Charities

Event title: Applying learning from patient experience research into practice change

About the event

In this session, we will explore learning from our programmatic work around the topic of supporting people to live well with multiple long-term conditions. The session will focus on key insights from the qualitative research reports undertaken by the Taskforce on Multiple Conditions, with a specific focus on how multiple conditions intersect with issues of health equity. We will also look at how research informs the charities’ own services and support offers through the Movement for All programme, and how research can be used to advocate for change in practice.

Everyone is welcome, however, the target audience is clinicians, policymakers and health data science researchers. We hope that attendees will learn about research outputs from the Taskforce on Multiple Conditions and how this learning can be applied to their respective areas of work.

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Michelle Roberts

Physical Activity and Health Programme Lead, The Richmond Group of Charities

Eve Riley

Programme Manager, Multiple long-term conditions, The Richmond Group of Charities


Dave Chapman

Programme Manager, AI for Multiple long-term conditions Research Support Facility