A regular series of open invitation talks from leading voices in data science, AI, healthcare and those with lived experience dealing with multiple long-term conditions (MLTC). This seminar series is part of the AI for multiple long-term conditions: Research Support Facility (RSF) project.

Event title: Everyone has a say: Embedding human-centred design (HCD) in the research setting

Speakers: Meag Doherty, Director, Research Experience, National Institutes of Health, All of Us Research Program


About the event

Human-Centred Design is the intentional process of building products and experiences in direct collaboration with the intended audience and can be a useful approach when designing research that focuses on public and patient experience.

In this talk, Meag Doherty will first explain the key elements of Human-Centred Design and how its frameworks are useful for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement research projects. She will then describe how to get started with applying these frameworks at a programme level, and how to advocate for the inclusion of patients throughout a project. Finally, she will provide an example of applying Human-Centred Design specifically in a health programme, by discussing All of Us, a Research Programme of the National Institutes for Health aiming to recruit one million people across the US "to build one of the most diverse health databases in history".

This talk is part of a series of events that the RSF is hosting in September, all centred around Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE). In this seminar session, we hope that attendees will learn about human-centred design and how this learning can be applied to their respective areas of research.

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Everyone is welcome at this session, however, the target audience is clinicians, policymakers and health data science researchers. We hope that attendees will learn more about this HCD method and how this learning can be applied to multiple long-term conditions research.

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Meag Doherty

Director of Research Experience, National Institutes of Health, All of Us Research Program


Dave Chapman

Programme Manager, AI for Multiple long-term conditions Research Support Facility