About the event

Speaker: Professor Robin Godwin (University of Warwick); Dr Charlotte Heath- Kelly (University of Warwick); Dr Arzu Kibris (University of Warwick) and Dr Chris Moran (University of Warwick).

Date: 9 November 2017 Time: 12:00 – 14:45


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This event will examine multi-disciplinary approaches to security and resilience, with particular relevance to contemporary terrorism threats. Drawing on research conducted at the University of Warwick the speakers will consider security and interstate conflict issues in different international settings ranging from Turkey and Western Europe to the US. Amongst those topics discussed will be a) the impact of social media on community relations and the resilience of victims following the 2015 Paris attacks b)  the impact of memorials to terror attacks in polarising citizen reactions c) developing community awareness to ‘suspicious behaviour’ d) the hidden impacts of intrastate civil conflicts and e) some consequences of Donald Trump’s relations with the CIA . The event will draw upon research in political sciences and psychology to shed new light on how different individual, community and state factors can influence of public reaction to terror and security-related events.

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