Sensing a 3D Printed Steel Bridge

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Monday 08 May 2017
Time: 13:00 - 13:30

About the event

Speaker: Gijs van der Velden (MX3D, Amsterdam) Date: 8 May 2017 Time: 13:00 - 13:30 To register your interest, email Turing Events. This event will not be live-streamed.

Sensing a 3D Printed Steel Bridge: A story on how sensor data will help us to build, maintain and improve 3D printed infrastructural projects.

MX3D is 3D printing a steel bridge for the city centre of Amsterdam. After passing a rigorous testing cycle the bridge will be approved for use. But how will it behave in its actual environment, during normal use? Can we monitor its critical health indicators? By rigging the Bridge with a sensor network, MX3D will also test assumptions on the behaviour of structures designed by using topological optimisation techniques. Therefore, information will be gathered that allows to make a smarter design time by time. The collaboration with some key experts in the field has been crucial in developing this project. Join the Data-Centric Engineering team to hear MX3D CEO Gijs van der Velden's brief talk in the Ada Lovelace suite at the Turing.


MX3D ceo

After completing his master in International Law, Gijs van der Velden joined Joris Laarman Lab in 2009, becoming general manager in 2011 and then partner in 2014. In the Lab, the future of digital production is subject to critical and visionary research and development. Research on the future of 3D printing is a key subject. The team developed a robotic 3D Printer that prints big objects, out of the box, without support structure, in metals and resins. In 2014 the partners of the Lab decided that their printing technique would become the focus of an official spin-out company named: MX3D (Multiple aXis 3D printing).

The MX3D team is led by Gijs van der Velden and Tim Geurtjens and supported by partners like Autodesk, ABB, Lenovo, AMS Institute and ArcelorMittal. After completing several experiments, art pieces and a bicycle, MX3D set out on a journey to 3D print a metal bridge over a canal in the Red Light District of Amsterdam to show the potential of its technique. MX3D aims to place the bridge in 2018. Once the bridge has been placed, it will become an IoT beacon in the centre of Amsterdam. Besides keeping a close eye on the Bridge's Health Indicators, the data collected will offer insight in how to optimally design safe structures for 3D printing in the future. The IoT project is a collaboration between MX3D, Autodesk, The Alan Turing Institute and Lloyd's Register Foundation. Additional partners are expected to join.

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