The Society of Data Miners: A Sneak Peek into Sky’s Insight & Decision Team

Date: 3 November 2016

Time: 2-4pm


The Society of Data Miners, in association with The Alan Turing Institute, is delighted to announce the first in a series of practitioner seminars.  This will be a talk by Gavin Meggs, Analytics Director of Sky’s Insight & Decision Science division.

Over recent years much has been made of progress in the fields of Machine Learning, of Data Science and of what the latest incarnation AI is, but the harsh reality is that in industry ‘numerical analysis’ in all its forms makes up only a fraction of the smarts you need to succeed.

In this session we will look at some of the ground-breaking achievements of Sky’s Insight & Decision Science team in the media industry and how they have come into being. Across a range of topics drawn from experience in Customer Marketing, Advertising and Content, we will examine the analytical techniques used, how we create space for innovation and the role that organisational design, prioritisation and pragmatism play in our success. We will also discuss some of the knotty challenges that remain and current thinking on how they may be addressed.


Gavin Meggs is Director of Analytics within the Insight and Decision Science Department of Sky UK. He is responsible for delivering complex data insight projects in support of Sky’s strategic objectives. Gavin has an extensive background in data mining and analytical methodology development, and has broad experience in marketing and commerce, for many years working at large brands such as Orange, Ernst & Young and BT. His experience in the development of analytical teams, combined with his hands-on and practical experience of insight delivery and business development, places him at the forefront of his field.