The Society of Data Miners: Targeting crimes and criminals through data

Date: 1 December 2016

Time: 2:00pm- 4:00pm





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The Society of Data Miners, in association with The Alan Turing Institute, is delighted to announce the second in a series of practitioner seminars.  This will be a talk by Richard Adderley, CEO of A E Solutions Ltd.

This talk will discuss the challenges of mining police data to provide operational intelligence. Richard will introduce the data and systems involved in day-to-day reporting, resource tasking and arresting offenders, including the issues of linking data across systems and the challenges of extracting useful information from free text.

Digging into more advanced analytics, Richard will discuss criminal network analysis or CNA, an important tool in crime prevention and detection, and the differences between analysing overt networks (SNA) and covert networks (CNA). Richard will describe how supervised and unsupervised learning methods have been used in the identification of prolific and priority offenders, and how the results are used to solve crimes and target offenders, and to use resources effectively.

Finally, Richard will describe the EU-funded FP7 project Valcri, and its task to provide a police data set that is suitable for release into the research community.


Richard is a retired Police Officer having served for 32 years in an operational capacity. His legacy to the Service is an intelligence product which was developed for the West Midlands region and is now used by all UK Police Forces; he specialises in profiling criminal activity.

Richard retired in 2003 and started his data mining company, A E Solutions, focusing within the UK Emergency Services arena.  He is also a Director of the Society of Data Miners.