Spatial analytics + data seminar series


An international showcase featuring new and exciting scholarship in urban and spatial analytics and data, co-sponsored by Newcastle University, the University of Bristol and the urban analytics programme at The Alan Turing Institute.

About the seminar series

From segregation and social networks to machine learning and movement, the spatial analytics + data (SAD) seminar series is a place for dialogue among scholars united by interest in geographic data and spatial analysis, as well as a platform for cutting-edge methods and thinking in spatial social science. The seminars feature speakers from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and career stages.

SAD: The interviews

Throughout the years, spatial analytics and data have been nurtured by path-breaking scholars from a variety of backgrounds. But who are these people? What reflections do they have on their experience? How have “Spatial Analytics” and “Data” changed, and what is their future?

The #SADinterviews series, co-sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society, brings long-form, informal conversations with influencers of our generation in spatial analytics and data, providing a window into their insights on the evolution (and revolutions) of the field.

Watch the seminar series

Every SAD event takes place live online and is recorded and archived on YouTube. The full archive is available on the SAD YouTube channel, organised into two playlists:

Watch the seminars | Watch the interviews

Since 2022, the SAD series is hosted by the Turing. See the full list of events below.