Speaker: Wenfei Xu, Mansueto Institute, University of Chicago, US

Event title: The contingency of neighborhood diversity: Variations in the measurements of social context using GPS data

Measurements of neighborhood segregation and diversity are core to our empirical understanding of how socioeconomic and racial landscapes in a city can shape individual and neighborhood outcomes.

Despite its significance, segregation research typically relies on the residential context and does not account for the spatiotemporally dynamic nature of neighborhoods.

About the event

In this talk, Wenfei Xu will present recent work using GPS data from mobile phone applications with 40 million pings a day to measure the enacted activity spaces of residents in Chicago and to provide insights on social exposure to racial diversity.

Wenfei finds that realized exposures are higher and more heterogeneous than what is implied by the residential context. This research not only updates our understanding of segregation but can inform diversity-driven housing policy decisions.