Symposium on Communicating Machine Learning

Symposium on Communicating Machine Learning
Dates: 31 August
Location: Edinburgh
Organisers: Guido Sanguinetti (Edinburgh) and Charles Sutton (Edinburgh)
Machine learning is a disruptive technology with tremendous impact potential. Research achievements in machine learning are increasingly in the media spotlight, and there is a growing attention at all levels of society towards how learning machines may affect human activities and society in general. At this critical stage, the way machine learning research is communicated is likely to have an important and lasting impact on the perception of the technology within the broader public. It is therefore imperative that the research community engages proactively to shape the way machine learning is communicated to stakeholders and the general public. In this brief symposium, we will bring together machine learning researchers and media professionals to discuss the challenges posed by this dialogue, and the best practice in outreach and science communication.

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