Turing—Intel projects on the data science and AI at scale programme

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Friday 09 Mar 2018
Time: 09:30 - 18:00

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There will be a scoping workshop for 3 projects, and we invite all interested members of the Turing community to participate. These translational projects are very well-suited to a collaborative approach with multiple academics interacting with a postdoc or research software engineer, and relevant teams in Intel.

The aim is that research proposals for projects in this area will be formed during the workshop. Members of Intel who drive hardware pathfinding and innovation in these areas will be present, physically and possibly virtually, and will present their views on the project areas for the first 30 minutes of each session.

This is therefore an excellent opportunity to engage with them on these topics. The three projects all involve research providing insight into future Intel architectures for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and can broadly be categorized as relating to:

  1. Graph analytics and sparse computation.
  2. Deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.
  3. Models and algorithms for learning in uncertain environments.

For the second and third of these, very little has been determined; we are looking for principal investigators with their own vision for what should be pursued. The initial project should run for 6-12 months, and the resource available is the equivalent of a postdoc or research software engineer. If the direction of research is promising, we would then seek to extend the scope and duration of the project, and commit additional resources.Please email the Programme Director, Anthony Lee [email protected] with any questions about the workshop. If you are unable to attend but have strong views in these areas, please also email them so that your views can be represented


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