In this talk Robert will explore how data science is changing the way we practice education and research

About the event

Robert will describe Data+ which is a ten-week summer research experience offered by the Information Institute at Duke (iiD) in which undergraduates join small project teams, working alongside other teams in a communal environment. They learn how to marshal, analyze, and visualize data, as well as how to communicate with the client sponsoring the project. He will describe projects that illuminate different ways in which student-centered enquiry can transform university institutions.

The ambition for research is that it impacts society. We used to think of impact as starting with an idea, then developing that idea into a prototype, then turning the prototype into a product, then marketing the product, and so on – it is a long march and the problem with long marches is that most ideas don’t make it. He will provide examples of a different model, one where society is part of the research process.


Professor Robert Calderbank

Professor of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics and Director of the Information Initiative at Duke University