The Turing Lectures: Accelerated discovery

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Tuesday 28 Jun 2022
Time: 12:30 - 14:00

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Virtual seminar

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The Turing Lectures


Introducing the first Turing Lecture of 2022, Dr Alessandro Curioni joins The Alan Turing Institute's landmark event series to discuss enabling artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the path to discovery. 

Esteemed Dr Curioni is Vice President of IBM Research (Europe and Africa), regarded as an internationally recognised leader in high-performance computing and computational science. He leads IBM's global research strategy in Accelerated Discovery and Security. 

In this Turing Lecture, Dr Curioni will explore the new AI- and quantum-powered age of computing, describing its potential to accelerate discoveries up to 10 times faster and with 10 times less cost than in the past. This will lead to breakthroughs across business, policy-making, and everyday life. 


About the event

The Turing Lecture will detail how the world is witnessing a revolution in computing. Exploring how traditional methods can be enhanced by AI to solve problems by boosting emerging quantum technologies.

Today, you can see an increase in companies and labs using AI to accelerate discovery. For example, if a scientist is working on a new chemical to create safe, sustainable batteries for storing renewable energy, deep neural networks could sift through a multitude of patents, academic papers, and other publications to see what has already been done on the topic.

Next, AI would automatically generate hypotheses based on the data it found, to expand the search for new molecular designs. Based on the hypothesis, high-performance computers and quantum computers would simulate a new molecule. This simulated molecule would then be confirmed or refuted during increasingly autonomous lab tests. Finally, AI would assess the result, identify anomalies and extract new knowledge. New questions would surface and the loop would continue.

Therefore to shift the paradigm of scientific discovery, we need to enable AI, hybrid cloud computing, and – eventually – quantum computing to converge.

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Dr Alessandro Curioni

IBM Fellow, Vice President of IBM Research Europe and Africa and Director of the IBM Research lab in Zurich, Switzerland.


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