The Turing Lectures: The changing role of national statistics offices in a data-driven future

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Wednesday 07 Apr 2021
Time: 15:30 - 17:00

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The Turing Lectures


We are joined by the UK's National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, for this Turing Lecture hosted by Institute Director, Professor Sir Adrian Smith and Ethics Research Fellow, Dr Mhairi Aitken

About the event

The role of data, statistics and analysis has never been more pertinent in underpinning the most critical decisions being taken across the UK and globally. National Statistics Offices are central to this and there is an urgency for them to keep rising to the challenges placed on them by government and society who are increasingly hungry for more accurate and timely information to inform and develop social and economic interventions. In a world of many producers of analysis and statistics, it is critical that National Statistics Offices continue to maintain relevance and be the trusted source of information.

National Statistics Offices, therefore, need to continue to innovate at pace developing new methods and utilising new sources of data which are more relevant to the needs of its users. In this talk, the UK’s National Statistician, Ian Diamond, will set out his view of the role of National Statistics Offices in today’s world and how that contrasts with previous decades. He will explore how National Statistics Offices are responding and innovating, moving away from traditional methods to those enabling robust statistics and analysis in real time and based on data collected from a range of sources, both traditional and novel.