The Turing-Roche Knowledge Share Series: Explainable AI in Health

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Tuesday 28 Mar 2023
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

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Virtual seminar

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An event series for Turing-Roche partnership updates, knowledge sharing and new perspectives. Find out more about the series.
This event will be on the theme of Explainable AI in Health, exploring how we ensure AI-assisted decisions, methods and tools are transparent and clear to all involved, which is becoming particularly crucial in the health sphere.


About the event

We will be hearing from Ali Boushehri, a PhD Student in Computational Biology at Roche and Antonella Maia Perini, a Research Associate in the Public Policy Programme at the Turing Institute.

Ali will be will be discussing 'scifAI' which is an explainable AI python framework for the analysis of multi-channel imaging flow cytometry data.

Antonella will discuss how explainability is critical to respond to equity challenges in AI-enabled medical devices. She will draw on recent work by the Turing’s Ethics Team on responsible research and innovation to illustrate how the core ethical principle of explainability can improve AI performance and minimise harms in the health and healthcare sector.

The event will conclude with a Q&A, we also hope to continue discussions pre and post the event via our Turing-Roche Slack Workspace which you can join.

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