Seminar: Uncovering Patterns of Social Trajectories Using Sequence Analysis

Date: 9 December 2016

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Jacques-Antoine Gauthier


Jacques-Antoine Gauthier is a senior lecturer at the Life course and inequality research centre at the University of Lausanne. His current researches focus on modelling and analysing longitudinal data on life courses. The central issue of his researches concerns the time related construction of individual life trajectories, notably when experiencing major transitions such as conjugality and parenthood. Most of his research deals with the application of sequence analyses to social science data.


The talk will first present some epistemological considerations on the link between the life course perspective in sociology and the method of sequence analysis. In a second step, it will discuss some central issues of sequence analysis such as that of multidimensionality, measures of distance and  costs  of substitution, as well as the contextualisation and visualisation of the results. Finally, first results concerning the combination of sequence analysis and event history analysis will be presented.