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Urban Analytics Dates: 7-8 July Location: London Organisers: Sir Alan Wilson (UCL), Suzy Moat (Warwick), Peter Grindrod (Oxford), Des Higham (Strathclyde) Urban analytics is an ATI theme. It embraces the contributions of mathematics, statistics and computer science within the field of data science applied at a variety of scales – from the micro to the macro – to contribute to the future challenges of urban living. This embraces the citizens – their residence, work and services such as health and education; urban economies; urban form; infrastructure; and each of these topics need to be set against sustainability and governance agendas. And they are strongly interdependent. The first three topics raise issues across this spectrum, for short-term management and optimisation, and long-term planning. The interested ‘agents’ range from the cities themselves – councils and planners; companies, big and small; providers of services, public and private; and citizens directly. There are major issues to be tackled: for example, social disparities, the future of economic development in terms of employment and increasing productivity beyond the Greater South East, accommodating population growth, the effective delivery of services and responding to sustainability targets. The workshop will seek to scope the ATI contributions to the research challenges in these areas. Attendance is by invite only.

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